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Marc Henauer Et Isabel Janevski

Isabel Janevski & Marc Henauer, Geneva photographers.

Travel, adventure and photography passion

Freediving, scuba diving, climbing, trekking, etc., Isabel Janevski and Marc Henauer combine their multiple passions to explore the world.

They venture off the beaten path and bring back breathtaking images of their journeys.

Their shots were awarded and published by National Geographic.

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Professional Publications Nitrogenic

For publishing professionals, complete galleries are available for download. You have a simple and transparent license system to calculate the price of each image. On request, we create personalized quotes.

Guarantee of quality, many world-renowned companies have already been seduced by the aesthetics and originality of our images.

From mass reproduction to luxurious numbered art prints, we offer a wide range of products to meet all requirements and budgets.

To offer you the best quality prints are entrusted to famous laboratories. International shipping available.

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Tableau New York City
Fine Art Print Nitrogenic
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Carefully prepared expeditions

Climatic conditions, animal behavior, natural hazards of all kinds and technical problems are all factors that influence the final result of an expedition. So we set up strict organizational measures to deal with the unexpected.

Nomad lifestyle

Several weeks in autonomy are often necessary to live to the rhythm of nature and manage to capture rare moments. Discover our logistical means to reach the most remote places.

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Professional quality

The production of professional-quality images requires specific skills and adapted equipment. Here we present the technology used.

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The shows that nature offers are often spectacular and photography in the wild is rarely safe.

Safety is always at the center of our concerns and every photo shooting is subject to rigorous risk analysis.

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Geneva Freediving School

With our freediving school in Geneva, we offer you a complete catalog of training courses so that you too can live a total immersive experience in the underwater world. Take advantage of our extensive expertise and the guidance of a professional team with Kumbhaka FreedivingVisit us on www.kumbhaka.ch

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