High Tech

CANON camera and lenses

The choice of our shooting equipment meets a very precise specifications. Top performance, robustness and reliability are key factors.

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Canon 5 D Mk Ii Nitrogenic

The CANON EOS 5D Mark II & EOS 1DX Mark III digital SLR with full-frame sensor produces images of breathtaking quality. Its more than 20 megapixels allow prints in very large format.

A rich range of professional lenses from CANON's legendary L series allows us to cover focal lengths from macro photography to super wide-angle.

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A foolproof

SUBAL, the underwater housings reference

Using this electronic equipment in difficult conditions can not be done without adequate protection.

The SUBAL CD5MII underwater housing combines solidity and perfect ergonomics. It does not fear the heat and humidity of the tropics, the cold waters and the ice of the Nordic countries. 

Access to all the controls of the device, simple and fast locking system and modular connectors are among its strengths.

Subal Cd5 Mii Nitrogenic
Subal Canon 5 D Mark Ii Nitrogenic
Subal Housing Nitrogenic
Subtronic Nova Nitrogenic

SUBTRONIC Nova strobes are among the most powerful on the market. They emit a natural light that sublimates images in low light conditions.

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