Mobile base camp

The mobile base is built around a double-axle trailer equipped with comfort equipment.

Solar panels provide enough energy to power a 12V battery and ensure the operation of basic equipment.

A propane fuel system completes the set when electricity production is insufficient.

Mobile Base Camp Nitrogenic

The mobile base camp trailer

Earth exploration

Vw T4 Nitrogenic

Reinforced chassis, all-wheel drive and equipped passenger compartment, the reliability of the VW T4 allows expeditions of several days in the most remote places. Each kilometer made with the vehicle is offset "carbon". Fully autonomous, the electrical energy is provided by two solar panels, the water supply is either via the public network, or by filtering with a pump "Katadyn".

Office Mobile Nitrogenic
Solar Panel Nitrogenic
Vw T4 Syncro Nitrogenic

Marine expeditions - Klepper Aerius Quattro 545

Vw T4 Kayak Roof Nitrogenic

The Klepper Aerius Quattro 545 sea kayak can sail up to 12 km from a shelter. Its hydrodynamic line and exceptional loading capacity make it a first class boat.

Very manageable, it sneaks easily between the rocks and allows a silent approach to the marine fauna. Its stability guarantees safety during crossings on the high seas.

Kayak Klepper Nitrogenic Rear
Kayak Klepper Nitrogenic Front
Kayak Klepper Nitrogenic

Soft mobility

Map Compas Nitrogenic

Sensitive to the preservation of the environment, we make every effort to reduce our ecological footprint on the places we visit.

Cycling, kayaking, SUP, trekking, snorkeling, we favor soft mobility to evolve closer to nature.

It is also at the cost of these efforts that the planet reveals these most beautiful secrets.

Snow Foot Nitrogenic
Horseshoe Bend Nitrogenic

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