A wave that breaks on a reef sweeps with force and clatter.

Underwater, the landscape is spectacular, like a stormy and threatening sky.

The power of the water makes you come and go a few inches from the sharp reef.

20181118 Materiel Photo 0050

Making spectacular images in the wild is not without danger. The risks we can face are many:

    • Climate events

    • Ocean currents  

    • Rough terrain  

    • Wild fauna and flora  

    • Barotrauma  

    • Etc.

    Mg 5855
    20181118 Materiel Photo 0052
    Mg 5830

    Before each shot, each risk is analyzed and is the subject of a series of adapted measures in order to reach maximum security. Risk reduction is based on several approaches:

    • Skills and training

    • Organizational measures

    • The knowledge of environment

    • The support of specialists

    • Technological means

    • Etc.

    20181118 Materiel Photo 0053
    20181118 Materiel Photo 0049
    20181118 Materiel Photo 0054

    For safety, we do not mean only to protect our team but also the environment in which we operate. The images of fauna and flora are only realized respecting the species and the environment photographed.